Wiki Chaves

Wiki Chaves

Product Designer

I’m a designer who love to think ideas and build stuff. Design is my medium to make ideas reality. I love the process, from the very first draw, to the releasing day on the audience.

Today, as a Partner and Head of Product at Aerolab, a digital agency, I’m involved in the whole process of product development, starting with looking for clients to work with, design and development process, and finally shipping live to the market.

Before, I worked at Xapo and Lemon Wallet, both startups founded by Wences Casares where I managed product and design.

In Argentina, where I’m from, I worked as designer and art director mostly in digital agencies, working on projects for big brands.

I’m married to Agustina and we have been living in the Bay area for the last 5 years. We like music, surfing and outdoor life.

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